Wow! Our newest model, The Nugget, was featured on Curbed – we are so hyped! 
A few thoughts on the Nugget –

​We’ve found The Nugget is a truly polarizing build. While some people adore it and see the value, others balk at the price-tag. The Nugget starts around $29,000, but the model as-shown is around $36,000. Why? It’s fully solar, and fully off-grid, and is built to last 70 years with premium materials and craftwork.

We noticed one of the commenters on the article said, and we quote, “You can buy a good used travel trailer for for about 1/10 that price.”

Well, we aren’t arguing with that. You can definitely buy an old, non-insulated, non-off-the-grid, non-attractive, debilitated camper for a few thousand dollars. But that’s not what we are selling, and that’s not what we want to build. We don’t have a passion for selling old campers.

We want to build, and have a passion for BEAUTIFUL homes. Functional, high-end, and built to LAST. No, they aren’t cheap. But we don’t want it cheap. It’s meant to survive in the wilderness for decades. It’s insulated like a custom home, and built to last with 40 and 50 year warranties on the siding and roof. 

For the same price as a minivan, someone can have a totally off-the-grid, architect designed, and built to stand the test of time Nugget! It may not be for everyone, but we think it’s awesome, and we’re proud of it!

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